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72 Hour Instant LTD

72 Hour Instant LTD is a private investment company with a professional and expert team of traders, mining and Forex markets. It helps you to receive additional high profits generated by the trades by our expert traders. We create tools for the quality deal of the future!



Who are we?

"72 Hour Instant LTD" has the official registration in accordance with the British legislation. The company specializes in speculative trading on the Forex market using its own unique methods of scalping and unique technologies of indicator analysis. But in addition "72 Hour Instant LTD" has been taking certain steps towards extending its commercial interests on related sectors of business by placing investments on asses-purchase on the commodity markets and the company uses fully the potential of the team through agency asset transactions on the stock market. The received result guarantees high returns consolidated from different sources. And this gives wider opportunities for our company to combine investment efforts redistributing investment capital to directions depending on commercial and trend situations at any investment sites at any given time. The characteristics that set us apart from our competitors are independence, reputation, creativity, the highest level of competence of our employees and quest to dominate all business directions which are matters of interest to the company.

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Investment Plans

1.43% Hourly For 72 Hours

Investment Amount: $5.00 - $300.00

Principal Deposit: Included in Profit


1.60% Hourly For 72 Hours

Investment Amount: $301.00 - $800.00

Principal Deposit: Included in Profit


2.00% Hourly For 72 Hours

Investment Amount: $801.00 - $5000.00

Principal Deposit: Included in Profit


2.30% Hourly For 48 Hours

Investment Amount: $300.00 - $500.00

Principal Deposit: Included in Profit


2.90% Hourly For 48 Hours

Investment Amount: $501.00 - $800.00

Principal Deposit: Included in Profit


3.50% Hourly For 48 Hours

Investment Amount: $801.00 - $5000.00

Principal Deposit: Included in Profit


7.00% Hourly For 24 Hours

Investment Amount: $1000.00 - $5000.00

Principal Deposit: Included in Profit


Up to 2.00% Hourly For 72 Hours

Hourly Profit - Instant Withdraws
Min: 5 USD - Max: 5000 USD
72 Hours Contract - Principal Included

Up to 3.50% Hourly For 48 Hours

Hourly Profit - Instant Withdraws
Min: 300 USD - Max: 5000 USD
48 Hours Contract - Principal Included

7% Hourly For 24 Hours

Hourly Profit - Instant Withdraws
Min: 1000 USD - Max: 5000 USD
24 Hours Contract - Principal Included

Main Features


Our risk management protocols include rigorous internal controls and limits. All trades are taken with a focus on risk management and proper leverage.


We provide real information with clear answers. Real profit with real hardware and delivery ability.


Registration of the company in the UK is a reliable guarantee of fulfillment of all obligations to investors, from stable accruals to instant payments.



Running Days

Last Deposits

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ramtta8 Aug-9-2020 10:18:16 PM
imnotatr Aug-9-2020 10:17:22 PM
gastvrijs Aug-9-2020 10:06:27 PM
escarpidac Aug-9-2020 10:00:48 PM
sergejevk Aug-9-2020 08:23:50 PM
chochesha0 Aug-9-2020 06:50:09 PM

Last Withdrawals

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kumquatboyp Aug-9-2020 05:50:12 AM
zijzak6 Aug-9-2020 05:43:14 AM
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Here we answered some of the most frequent questions. If you haven't found the answer to your question in this section or just want to get more detailed information, mail us below.

  • How can I become a client of "72 Hour Instant LTD"?

    Becoming a client of "72 Hour Instant LTD" is simple. Get free registration. It takes just a couple of minutes. After the registration process you will become our user and you will be able to perform actions in the system within the established rules. By agreeing to the Terms of Use for the registration process, you confirm that you are an adult citizen in your state and do not violate its laws using our resource.

  • Which payment system do you accept?

    We accept: Payeer, PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash and Litecoin.

  • Can I have multiple deposits?

    Yes, it is possible for you to have an unlimited number of deposits, but each of them will be processed separately.

  • What is the minimum and maximum for investing?

    Yes, the minimum is $5 and the maximum is $5,000.

  • How much time does it take for a withdrawal request to be processed?

    The request is processed INSTANTLY but in the case of technical problems, it will be processed in 1_12 hours.

  • How can I earn affiliate commission?

    You can earn affiliate commission by sharing your affiliate link to your friends, colleagues, and followers. Once they've added funds to their accounts, a commission payout, ranging from 1-3%, will be added to your account balance automatically.

  • Is it possible to make profit from the affiliate program without placing a deposit?

    Yes, It is possible to get your referral commission without having any active deposits.

  • Where can I get my referral link?

    You can find referral link in your main account menu.

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